Saturday, October 26, 2013

Homage to Giordano Bruno, a poem taken from The Trees of Ephesus
The poem is the second last in this eclectic scroll.

Three poems from Dublin Gothic: Nuomenon, Leopardi and Grilled appear in this Anthology

4 more poems from The Dark Pool: Homage to James Douglas Morrison, Nostalgia by Andrei Tarkovsky, An Innocent Removed, and The Book of Being

Beckett presentation for UCD: 'Embodying "Be-ing" - Beckett and Heraclitus'.

The text in the above link is the initial sketch of the presentation I was to give at the 'Beckett and the 'State' of the Nation Conference at University College Dublin on the 4/8/2013.

Homage to Seamus Heaney: The Elm of the Aneid, and Spadework

5 poems from The Dark Pool: O' Connell Street Blues, The Luas, On the DART, and The Spire

'Goldsmith reads and Burke observes as the genesis of the world coolly observes.'

Three more translations from Les Fleurs Du Mal: The Ideal, Duellum, and Destruction. Followed by two poems in French: Baudelaire, ou L'architexte and Proust and one poem in English - Eros, or The Discovery of Nylons.!doispoetas/cuqv

Translations from Baudelaire: Benediction, Correspondences, and Reference Points

Antiope - Debut collection of poems published February, 2013.